The Contemporary City »

What are the problems with contemporary urban living and how can we resist and argue for alternatives to the neoliberal city?

  1. ‘Salford Loves it Big and Shiny’: Living in the Edgelands of Contemporary Urban Renewal

    by Andrew Wallace
  2. Social unrest and new patterns of urban segregation in Brazil

    by Jeff Garmany
  3. Stow Crazy: Hype and Inflation in E17

    by Tom Davies
  4. London Renters and the Right to the City

    by Tom Gann
  5. Who Shapes Cities and for Whom?

    by Maya Oppenheim
  6. Barcelona and City Branding

    by Oliver Sutton
  7. Self-build Housing in a Time of Austerity

    by Julia Heslop
  8. The Temporary Home: Live-in Guardians in the Neoliberal City

    by Property Guardian Research Collective
  9. Belfast: New Battle-Lines in a Post-conflict City

    by Stephen Baker
  10. Housing Co-operatives: Building Resistance to the Market

    by Jacob Stringer
  11. Bullets to Boomtown: The Making of Contemporary Mogadishu

    by Tony Roshan Samara
  12. Inner-City Colonies: Memory, Power, and Identity

    by Eva Hayles Gledhill
  13. A Compulsory Purchase for London

    by Helen Kearney

The Soul of Man under Socialism »

Wit, provocateur, sharp social satirist. Oscar Wilde was, famously, all these things, but he was also a highly engaged participant in the radical political circles of late Victorian London. Nowhere was his stature as a serious political thinker more evident than in his 1891 essay, ‘The Soul of Man under Socialism.’

  1. The Soul of Man under Socialism

    by Sos Eltis
  2. A Late Victorian Utopia - Wilde’s Socialism in Context

    by James Thompson
  3. Oscar Wilde, Edward Carpenter and the Socialist Eros

    by Christopher Brooke, Josephine Quinn
  4. The Soul of Man After Neoliberalism

    by Jeremy Gilbert
  5. The Soul of Wilde Under Anti-Humanism

    by Richard Seymour

Patriarchy 2013 »

What does patriarchy mean in 2013?

  1. What is Patriarchy?

    by Malise Rosbech
  2. Patriarchy, Homophobia, and the Quandary of Anal Hazing

    by Bassam Romaya
  3. Who Counts?

    by Liz McKinnell
  4. Finding the Media’s Blindspot

    by Joy Francis and Julie Tomlin
  5. Patriarchy and the ‘Crisis of Masculinity’

    by Sam de Boise
  6. ‘‘We are Volcanos’’: Transgressing the silence of motherhood

    by Sara C. Motta
  7. Pornography, Patriarchy and Liberalism: Re-reading Andrea Dworkin

    by Bob Brecher
  8. Resist! : Patriarchy and propaganda

    by Hannah Davies
  9. Making Masculinities: Domestic Space and the Production of Patriarchy

    by Kevin Guyan
  10. Chronicling the effects of machismo in Mexico

    by Nicola Hill
  11. Feminism and Conflict: Whose Security Is It Anyway?

    by Chitra Nagarajan

The Passion Industries »

Many people enter the creative industries believing that they will be able to realise themselves by exploring their passions, yet across these articles the issues of low/no pay, poor working conditions and precarity are raised time and again.  There is a distinct lack of resistance within the cultural sector, so we envisage this series as a starting point for discussing these issues and what can be done.

  1. The Passion Industries

    by Sophie Hope, Louise Owen
  2. The Passion Players

    by Elyssa Livergant
  3. Organising Free Labour

    by Precarious Workers Brigade
  4. An Actor Manages: On Acting and Immaterial Labour

    by Broderick Chow
  5. Capital’s Creativity

    by Toby Austin Locke

On Theory »

  1. ‘Things don’t have to be this way’ (Part 1)

    by John Marks, Samuel Grove
  2. ‘Things don’t have to be this way’ (Part 2)

    by John Marks, Samuel Grove
  3. ‘A Revolution We Can All Dance To’ (Part 1)

    by Andrew Robinson, Samuel Grove
  4. ‘A Revolution We Can All Dance To’ (Part 2)

    by Andrew Robinson, Samuel Grove
  5. Posthuman Politics Under Biocapitalism

    by Eva Giraud, Samuel Grove
  6. ‘Another World is Possible’

    by Colin Wright, Samuel Grove
  7. ‘Thought as Practice’

    by Colin Wright, Samuel Grove
  8. Priestesses of the Encrucijada/Crossroads

    by Sara C. Motta, Teodora Todorova
  9. What is Political Will?

    by Peter Hallward, Samuel Grove

Global Capitalism and the State »

How the state makes global capitalism, and how global capitalism makes the state. Leading political economists debate the arguments in Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin’s major new book, ‘The Making of Global Capitalism’

  1. The State and the Making of Global Capitalism

    by Sam Gindin, Leo Panitch
  2. American Power and the Making of British Capitalism

    by Jeremy Green
  3. The Makers of Global Capitalism

    by Bastiaan van Apeldoorn, Naná de Graaff
  4. Global Capitalism in One Country?

    by Göran Therborn
  5. The Importance of State Theory

    by Bob Jessop
  6. The US as Superintendent of Global Capitalism: A Response

    by Leo Panitch, Sam Gindin

Left Politics in an International Economy »

What are the implications for left politics of international economic integration? This series moves beyond conceptions of the international economy as a vaguely threatening spectre undermining the state to examine, more carefully, the dynamics of international-domestic political interaction.

  1. State Capture and the Democratic Movement

    by Kees van der Pijl
  2. How Labour Embraced the City

    by Robin Ramsay
  3. From Judge to Advocate: The Credit Rating Enigma

    by Timothy J. Sinclair
  4. Global Capitalism and the Left

    by Leo Panitch, Jamie Stern-Weiner
  5. The New Dependency Theory

    by Ronen Palan
  6. Can the Left Save Greece?

    by Yiannis Milios, Yiannis Baboulias

The Power Elite Revisited »

Leading sociologists revisit C. Wright Mills’s seminal text ‘The Power Elite’ (1956), exploring its impact and continuing relevance. The series includes an online exclusive from the man himself.

  1. Power and Intellect

    by Daniel Geary
  2. The Shifting Contours of Elite Power

    by Aeron Davis
  3. Dimensions of Elite Power

    by Steven Lukes
  4. The Decline of the Public

    by Stanley Aronowitz
  5. If I Were President

    by C Wright Mills
  6. Tribute to C Wright Mills

    by Ralph Miliband

The Politics of Housing »

Activists and academics discuss the history, economics and politics of housing, and explore the possibilities for political mobilisation.

  1. Blowing Up the Past, Destroying the Future

    by Sarah Glynn
  2. It’s Not Just the 1%

    by Kean Birch
  3. Who Dares Wins! Occupying for Housing Justice

    by John Hamilton
  4. Building a New World and Tearing it Down: British Working Class Housing Since 1900

    by Andrew McCormack
  5. The Private Tenants Fight Back

    by Christine Haigh
  6. Dwelling on the Cost of Housing

    by Christian Eriksson

Is Porn Hijacking Our Sexuality? »

Is pornography inherently illegitimate, and should it be restricted? Gail Dines and Sarah Ditum debate porn and patriarchy, and Maeve McKeown responds.

  1. Is Porn Hijacking Our Sexuality? (Part 1)

    by Sarah Ditum
  2. Is Porn Hijacking Our Sexuality? (Part 2)

    by Gail Dines
  3. Is Porn Hijacking Our Sexuality? (Part 3)

    by Sarah Ditum
  4. Is Porn Hijacking Our Sexuality? (Part 4)

    by Gail Dines
  5. Is Porn Hijacking Our Sexuality? A Response

    by Maeve McKeown

Renewing the Climate Justice Movement »

Two years after the failed Copenhagen Summit, expectations for meaningful action on climate change are low. As the UN meets in Durban, where now for the climate justice movement?

  1. Climate Justice Requires a New Paradigm

    by Vandana Shiva
  2. COP17’s Dirty Secret

    by Patrick Bond
  3. Where Now for the Climate Justice Movement?

    by Guppi Bola, Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro, Ro Randall, Quincy Saul, Yash Tandon

The June 30 Strikes and the Fight Against Austerity »

The first wave of mass public sector strikes against the cuts raises a host of important questions for the left and the labour movement.

  1. Unison and Labour: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

    by Kate Belgrave
  2. Should I Strike?

    by Simon Hewitt
  3. Sally Hunt and Owen Jones on June 30

    by Sally Hunt, Owen Jones
  4. Black Bloc: A Misguided Tactic for June 30

    by Maeve McKeown
  5. The Dangers of False Militancy

    by Gregor Gall

How to Fight the Cuts? »

How should the left respond to the government’s plans for extended and brutal austerity? An opening piece by Richard Seymour is followed by a series of responses, ending with a closing statement from Seymour.

  1. The Axeman’s Jazz

    by Richard Seymour
  2. We need to be strategic in opposing cuts

    by Sunny Hundal
  3. Nothing will be like it was before: fighting to win

    by Tom Denning
  4. Only a socialist vision can defeat the cuts

    by Andrew Fisher
  5. Resisting Cameron’s Big Lie

    by Kevin Blowe
  6. Fighting The Cuts with Confidence

    by David Wearing
  7. Building on the consensus

    by Richard Seymour

2010 Election Roundtables »

Ahead of the May general election, a series of roundtables discuss the present condition of the left, the economy and immigration.

  1. Election Roundtable

    by David Edwards & David Cromwell, Alex Doherty, Priyamvada Gopal, Steve McGiffen, Milan Rai, Stuart White, Richard Wilkinson
  2. Immigration Roundtable

    by Philippe Legrain, Richard Seymour, Frances Webber, Joe Cox, Spencer Fitzgibbon, Jacob Mukherjee and J. Bauthumley
  3. Economy Roundtable – Part 1

    by Susan Pashkoff
  4. Economy Roundtable - Part 2

    by Robin Hahnel
  5. Economy Roundtable - Part 3

    by Martin Wicks, David Wearing, Derek Wall
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